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Adding a fence to your property increases your home’s value and creates an aesthetically pleasing environment. It makes your yard more comfortable by providing privacy and protection against the elements while keeping children and pets safely inside.
Our diverse residential product line is sure to meet the needs of any homeowner, and work within your budget. Besides fencing, we can create feature pieces for those looking to create unique landscaping experiences. We offer many designs and styles that will be sure to suit you and your neighbors needs. From scalloped tops to flat tops, alternating boards to sandwiched boards, we can build the fence that is right for you. We use premium grade lumber that’s sure to stand the test of time. The new Sienna Pressure Treated lumber is the best selling product we offer. With the similar color to cedar, it is more economical and requires less maintenance. Cedar is the higher quality product that lasts longer, but requires a lot more maintenance and costs significantly more. Both products are very capable of providing you with the fence that you’ve always wanted.